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♡ sorry to my unknown lover

Apr, 08th, 2018, By Sandra, Tags/Topics:Uncategorized, Leave a Comment

Good morning!
I don’t think many people visit this site regularly anymore but I just wanted to make a small post for anyone wondering what’s going on with the site since we haven’t been active.

01 Kecia has left the siteworld. She’s been extremely busy and we barely even have time to talk anymore sadly! She works multiple jobs and she’s been helping her grandma out. I’m so grateful and appreciative of everything she has helped me work on as far as the site goes.

02 The siteworld is pretty much dead, barely anyone even makes signs or does anything anymore so I think we are throwing in the towel as far as trying to make this site last forever (at least in that sense). I am debating on turning this into something else for myself, perhaps a blog or some kind of video game something or other. It pains me to say this but there’s no point in making this type of content anymore and I don’t have it in me to keep doing it.

03 My life is crazy now. The new job I got is a 45-48 hr a week job and it’s hard on me. I walk 2 miles to and from work (which is good for something, right?) and by the time I get home I’m exhausted. We’re slowly re-plumbing our house since the previous owners did a shitty job on it and we just got a puppy as well! We’re building our family and at the end of the day when I have extra time this just isn’t what I want to do anymore at least from a site standpoint.

04 Hosting (subdomain & domain) is closed, permanently. I do not have time and I am going to be changing my hosting situation in November so I’m not paying a huge amount of money for services I do not use.

I don’t know when I’ll be getting around to changing the site into whatever else I may turn it into but I just wanted to give anyone who’s wondering an idea of what’s going.

Much love, & thank you for hanging with me these 9 long years.

xoxo Sandra xoxo

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