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but what is love without lust?

Jul, 14th, 2011, By Sandra, Tags/Topics:Uncategorized, 5 comments

Okay guys this is kinda a bogus post because I’m just trying to add content to the site + stuff , but it’s not working for some reason so I had to fix my index page. D: so yeah you’re gonna be seeing my new layout before I wanted you to but next time I won’t have to do this okay? :P

this is important so read it
none of my content links from before work, and none of the links in the navigation that say contact, hosting, and content work. I’m still figuring out wordpress so~ go away :p

dreezy <3

5 responses to “but what is love without lust?”

  1. Liz says:

    You MOST LIKELY don’t remember me ( :( ), but I remember you…

    If you need help with WordPress, I can help you. ^^
    …Or I can also point you to the right people. ;)

  2. shane says:

    This layout so amazing :o you’ll get used to wordpress,its get easier :) xx

  3. Kenzie says:

    Cheers for wordpress ;D

  4. Olivia says:

    You told me to leave you this in a wordpress comment! So here we go :p

    Nightshinee.com and soulmatee.info
    They both have content on them, they also have wordpress on them.
    I’ll take the best price for each of them.
    Soulmate is hosted by some chick, who i can’t remember her site :p lmao. I bought it from a girl named Brittany.
    Nightshinee.com is hosted by daintyhearts.org (: I could also switch soulmate to be hosted by her too. :D
    Nightshine expires in feb, i believe :p
    and soulmate expires next year sometime, later in the year.

    :D THANK YOU! <3

  5. Meera says:


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