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She’s up all night to this song!

Jul, 06th, 2013, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Money, Updates, 1 comment

Hey guys! Been a while hasn’t it? I feel like I use this phrase entirely too much… I would apologize but honestly it’s been a busy couple of months. When I was still in school, I was working myself to death trying to make end’s meet and let’s not even talk about what a nightmare that place is… But then I went to Washington (the state) and visited my dad! He left at the end of May to PCS to South Korea for a year, so it was a very sad time for me. And then when I came back to NY, I was out of ambition and honestly a little depressed. I couldn’t find work, and I didn’t want to even get out of bed in the morning… But then around the middle of June, Josh’s boss at the UPS Store offered me a job so I’ve been working there for almost a month now! It’s a different area of work than what I am used to, but I like it so much more than what I do at school… But that’s pretty much it! Between Black Ops 2 matches and going to work, I’ve been pretty much hanging out with Josh and trying to save money.
However, I did start a new proboards with my bestest friend Ajey. It’s linked in my top navigation, and we called it SugarSong. It’s just a summer project for us because we both missed proboards, like, a lot! We post exclusive resources for members, have debates, and do all kinds of different shit. You guys should join if you’re interested! Even if you have no idea what you’re doing, you can always play a game or just participate in the general discussions!
Anyways, on to the shit you guys care about, the updates! Well, obviously there is a new layout. i wanted something different, and preppy, and cute, because it’s been almost three years since my last one of this style. As always, you can view the updates page linked in the sidebar (with a convenient recap of updates). I am really proud of getting three different photoshop tutorials done and up for you guys.
I’ll try and get more updates before the end of the summer, I’m just counting on being busy, but I do have a bunch of stuff left on my list. I just wanted to get this layout up for you guys and the tutorials out for people who wanted them!
Love you guys, have a safe and happy summer!

with grace in your heart;

Sep, 10th, 2012, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Money, Personal, Updates, Leave a Comment

I don’t even know if anyone reads these besides the few people that always comment so I’ll write a quick little blog for them… Hehehe. I’ve been trying to update more frequently for you guys. I’m honestly really busy but have been finding little bits of time here and there to make this and that… Today I updated textures, next time I may update layouts. Who knows. :) As always, you can find the updates in the box and then on the page you can see more detail… I guess. xD

Little bit of personal info: school is killing me already. It isn’t the content or anything (although I will fight people on that statement… My Psychology of Language class is pretty heavy and terrible) but it’s just the amount of work I have to do for each class. I’m actually trying to read and do things correctly and it’s just a terrible, terrible time and effort put into each thing. Just for my psych of language class we have to read two chapters a week, listen to this 30 minute interview, and then read like 20 empirical articles that are mostly like 15+ pages. It’s ridiculous.

Then I got child psych over here, and that class is ridiculous as anything. The last time I had it the teacher talked for three hours about genetics and heredity. Explain again why this is actually relevant to psychology? Pretty sure we all understand that genetic disorders are passed down from the parents or occur due to mutation……….. Well, I sure as hell understand it and I didn’t see the need to have a three hour class on it, but that is just me. Then we have to raise this virtual baby online… Annoying shit.

On the other hand, I have a job. I work at the dining hall, which in itself is no big deal, but I actually enjoy my job. I enjoy harassing customers and making people laugh/smile. I don’t even know why it’s kinda gay that I do that but whatevs. XD I also like all of my managers, they’re so nice. They all love me too, it’s great. I’m not even scheduled to work a double today and one of them asked me to come in so they’d have someone on board who “knew what they were doing.” That’s awesome ain’t it? Hahaha.

Well.. I don’t want this to be too long so I’ll just say that this weekend I’m going to Josh’s house. They’re picking me up Friday night and bringing me back Tuesday afternoon. Nice little weekend for me there. My birthday is the following Wednesday, and I’ll finally be 20. Whooot! Not really I kinda hate it. XD But whatevssssssss.

Hope you all have a wonderful back to school experience! Go hard or go home, school is important bros.


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