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♡ you & all your friends all hate me

Oct, 08th, 2017, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Uncategorized, Leave a Comment

Good afternoon & happy Sunday friends! I just wanted to take a moment to write a quick blog post to you guys to inform you, no we are not dead (as much as some trolls might wish). I really would like to take a moment to follow up with Kecia’s blog post (the one previous to this one) about how updates work and what negative impact words may have.

In 2016 I did not work and I had a ton of free time to update the site. In that entire year, I only updated Parisfalls 13 times, going for roughly once a month with a bonus update for Christmastime. Before that, I hadn’t updated Parisfalls in about 11 months, and the updates I was putting out were shitty. I was in a bad place and I hadn’t worked through any of the darkness yet and my site took a hit because of that.

In 2017 with Kecia’s help, we have updated a total of 12 times. It’s October, and we’ve already updated 12 times! Guys, like, we’re ABOVE the average that I set last year already. But there’s 2 of us, right? So that should mean, more updates? Absolutely not, and to even think that it does is stupid. I work now. Kecia works 2 jobs. We do this as a hobby. We are always talking about updates and planning dates when we both can get work done, and even if you don’t see us on here changing stuff every day, at least once a week I’m working on FREE content for you guys. I work a job that doesn’t have a stable schedule, where I can close one night and open the next morning. I’m on my feet all but half an hour of those shifts I work (for lunch) and sometimes I’m so busy I work through my lunch. Sometimes I just get home and do absolutely nothing because I’m wiped out. Other times, I’m focusing on another hobby or trying to get some quality time with my boyfriend in. We also manage 5 sitemodels between the two of us, and if you’ve been active at all, you know Kecia handles most of that and I sometimes help when I’m not at work, which is literally ALL THE TIME.

We’re both real people, with real feelings, and we both have things away from this website that we have to be concerned with sometimes. I would love for nothing more than for more time with my computer and my website. I’ve owned this site for almost nine years and it’s really annoying to have someone insinuate that we don’t care. I pay for this site every year because I do care, and Kecia cares just as much as I do. She’s revamped countless sections on the site to make everything more modern, easier to use, and she’s worked really fucking hard on that. Complaining about lack of updates only slows progress, because here we are, even wondering if updating is worth it anymore. There are only a few sites on Facebook left and there are thousands of pieces of content on this site for anyone to be able to use.

If I have a day where I’m able to get online, the last thing we really want to see is people complaining and ripping us apart in the chatbox, anonymously, because they feel like we really OWE them something more than we’re able to give. That’s just not true that we don’t care or that we owe you guys something. I made this site for myself first, and for my viewers second. I want each person who comes to Parisfalls to be able to use something great, something we spent a lot of time on and something we made unique and deemed worthy of our stamp. I want my viewers to feel like they are really getting the best content, but it ONLY comes through our hard work and by sacrificing our free time that we could be doing something else with.

Please start visiting another site if our best is not good enough for you. Content made and published on this site already has to beat our high standards and we aren’t looking for someone else to help review.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed whether it’s here, through Facebook, or through an email. Suggestions, questions, etc,. are welcomed. Blatant shitposting is not.

With that being said, I added some more Halloween goodies for you guys! Either click the link in the navigation or one of the icons below to get to the Halloween page. Stay safe & have lots of fun guys!

♡ Sandra ♡

Is this thing on?

Sep, 30th, 2017, By quichee Tags/Topics:Personal, Rants, Uncategorized, 2 comments

Yeah, this is my first post here, so let’s see how this goes. First things first, I wanna thank all the people who have welcomed me with open arm as a co-owner of Parisfalls. It means a lot to me. This has always been a siteworld dream for me. I’ve always loved this site, so when Sandra asked if I would help out, I had to say yes.

I want to address the trolls in our comment box. It’s kinda crazy that people feel the need to bitch about how we never update. There is literally thousands of pieces of content on this site, mostly made by Sandra, and somehow that’s not enough for some people. I think it’s fucking laughable to be honest. If you don’t have us added on Facebook, or you’re a living under a rock: Sandra works like a fucking dog. She works most of the time and when she gets home, the last thing she wants to do is to sit down and work on siteworld things. She also has been dealing with buying a house and getting a new job so she doesn’t have to work her ass off anymore. If you literally have a problem with Sandra trying to better her life, fuck you. As for myself, I work most days, but I’m currently training for a new job. I will hopefully be working more hours, so I can have a better life for myself. I don’t care what you think about me, but you will not fucking trash Sandra. We do the best we can.

When Sandra and I update, it’s normally a fucking huge update. We don’t fuck around with Parisfalls, this is Sandra’s SW legacy and We would never wanna see it crash and burn. It’s very discouraging when people are always complaining about updates, but never use anything we update with. I’m just fucking rambling because I’m pissed off. this is so stupid. I’m done. If you don’t like our site, don’t come here. keep your stupid ass comments out of the c-box, you hoes.

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