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cbox captcha for the win

Jun, 08th, 2012, By Sandra, Tags/Topics:Rants, Updates, 3 comments

I know you guys are as sick of the cbox spam as I am, so I enabled a captcha. I apologize for the inconvenience but, I’m getting really annoyed at not seeing real messages because of all the fake ones. Fags. -_- I need to do a captcha for my WP too, but I haven’t found a good plug-in yet.

So, at least socialien layouts are coming soon. I’ve “created” (LOL) a new stylesheet and I need to code them all, but it’ll be up soon. Hopefully. I am kinda ~ lazy ~. I’m trying to make a new layout as well as do socialien profile orders and write chapter four of Mis-Taken so :p Kinda busy.

We shall see what the weekend entails~

Enjoy it! :)

3 responses to “cbox captcha for the win”

  1. angelaaaa~ says:

    I’m actually really excited that you’re gonna be updating parisfalls too! c:

  2. Tiffany says:

    I use the PLUGIN Akismet and it seems to work very well for spamming comments.

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