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Repeating Gradients

  • These gradients are not to be redistributed.
  • All are made/purchased by Sandra or Kecia.
  • You may use in layouts, graphics, signs, etc., but please credit.
  • Please leave a comment or a cbox message to let us know what you use!
  • Credit is not required but it is much appreciated!

09/26/18 – We have moved all of the old repeating gradients to the tab at the bottom, and have a new preview/style for the future repeating gradients. Feel free to open the spoiler to download any of the old ones. Thanks!

Total # of gradients: 40 repeating gradients

new repeating gradients files

Older Repeating Gradients
Total # of gradients: 195 repeating gradients

2 responses to “Repeating Gradients”

  1. megz says:

    any chance a download all link will be added <3

    • Sandra says:

      We would probably need to do a master gradient file and that would be tricky to update each time. For now we will probably keep it the way it is <3

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