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Pixelated Gradient

Written By: Quichee
Last Updated: October 31st, 2017
Program: Photoshop
Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

This is what we’re going for, as always, feel free to message me on facebook with any of your questions!
okay, first open a 365 X 467 document and add a repeating gradient. I’m using a circular one, this looks fine with any style, tbh. Now that you’ve got that, you’re going to go into filter / distort / ripple and make your settings to: amount: 533 & your size: medium. I normally do the ripple effect on the gradient twice, if you wanna leave it at once, go off. Now, you’re going to go back into filter / distort / wave and make your settings match this:

and then you should have something like the finished products. You can always mess around with the settings to get larger vs. smaller squares!

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