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Preppy Text 18

Written By: Quichee
Last Updated: June 25th, 2018
Program: Photoshop
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Okay, so type out your text and apply the gradient thing that we do. I don’t know what it’s called, tbh.

Then you’re going to duplicate that layer TWO times. For a total of THREE layers. On the bottom layer, you’re going to apply a color overlay (#333) and set it to softlight. Make a new layer under that and merge it with the new layer. Now duplicate that layer. You should now have FOUR layers. On the new duplicated layer apply some N O I S E. Now make a new layer below that layer and duplicate it with the new layer. Are you still with me?

Now on the layer above the one we were just working on, apply a color overlay with just white. Don’t change the settings. Okay, your layers should look something like this:

NOW, HERE IS THE FUN PART. Your doing to move the white layer down three times, the glitter layer down five times, and the softlight layer down seven times. You should send up with something like this:

Now, apply whatever text settings you want. Now you can leave it like that or you can stroke the text the way i did: a 3px white stroke, a 1px scanline stroke, and then a 2px gradient stroke. I also added a drop shadow. You should end up with something like this:

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