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Use these resources for your graphics/layout/resource sites! Please credit when credit is due and do not remove my credit or redistribute!

23 responses to “resources”

  1. Nessa says:

    took some of your premade vectors (:

  2. manderz/royal lush says:

    Took A Texture. (:

  3. anon says:

    why dont you have sitemodel rares????

  4. chihaya says:

    Oh hey there! where do you get your sitemodel rares?

    • Sandra says:

      Most of my rares are from MySpace days! But I do get many of them from Facebook now because of the sitemodels there. Ask around–I’m sure people would share with you.

  5. Michy says:

    took some pre made signs and psds :)

  6. Yashvi says:

    Using many of your resources !

  7. Uzziel Monteseven says:

    Using Many of ur resources :))

  8. Ericca says:

    Saved some resources…But don’t worry will give crdits

  9. Raiza says:

    saved some res :)

  10. saved your vector template <3 I'll be using it on my sunvectors ♥

  11. Jayzen says:

    Using one button <3

  12. Louiejane Aranjuez says:

    used some rest

  13. Mae@Accent says:

    Save a bunch of brush :)

  14. Lana Dabaee says:

    Took some of ur PSD (decos) <3

  15. Sappire says:

    Can you put a link on Photoshop Cs6?

  16. Mai says:

    Took some psd’s color schemes, and gradients.

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