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Welcome to Parisfalls.net! There are 2 lovely owners here: Kecia & Sandra! This site has been open since 2009 and has been devoted to bringing it's viewers the highest quality resources, graphics, and tutorials. We hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting!


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Use these resources for your graphics/layout/resource sites! Please credit when credit is due and do not remove my credit or redistribute!

23 responses to “resources”

  1. Nessa says:

    took some of your premade vectors (:

  2. manderz/royal lush says:

    Took A Texture. (:

  3. anon says:

    why dont you have sitemodel rares????

  4. chihaya says:

    Oh hey there! where do you get your sitemodel rares?

    • Sandra says:

      Most of my rares are from MySpace days! But I do get many of them from Facebook now because of the sitemodels there. Ask around–I’m sure people would share with you.

  5. Michy says:

    took some pre made signs and psds :)

  6. Yashvi says:

    Using many of your resources !

  7. Uzziel Monteseven says:

    Using Many of ur resources :))

  8. Ericca says:

    Saved some resources…But don’t worry will give crdits

  9. Raiza says:

    saved some res :)

  10. saved your vector template <3 I'll be using it on my sunvectors ♥

  11. Jayzen says:

    Using one button <3

  12. Louiejane Aranjuez says:

    used some rest

  13. Mae@Accent says:

    Save a bunch of brush :)

  14. Lana Dabaee says:

    Took some of ur PSD (decos) <3

  15. Sappire says:

    Can you put a link on Photoshop Cs6?

  16. Mai says:

    Took some psd’s color schemes, and gradients.

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