personne n'échappe à mon regard.

Many apologies from this humble webmistress to you! Unfortunately you are visiting my site at a time where my email was hacked and sent a bunch of spam out, so I need to basically destroy the site, rebuild all my databases, and go through my files to ensure nothing else gets compromised...

In the meantime, unfortunately all of my content will be unavailable. I am super sorry about this and am more than willing to try to message via Facebook if anyone needs anything specific, but as a whole content WILL be gone while I manually rewrite files.

I will update this periodically with the progress I am making on the site.

To Do List, updated 05/21/18

  • Backup all files & pages
  • Delete all files, databases, emails, etc.
  • Re-install Wordpress
  • Re-upload images, PSDs, etc.,
  • Recode all pages
  • Fix holiday, stylesheet, & tutorial pages
  • Make a new layout
  • Make some new content
  • Re-open!

  • I am going to re-install wordpress over the next few days so some things may be a bit wonky, hoping none of the indexes get replaced. I haven't actually SET UP anything in so long that I feel like a noob again! lol.

    Thanks for all the kind words & support.