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Welcome to Parisfalls.net! There are 2 lovely owners here: Kecia & Sandra! This site has been open since 2009 and has been devoted to bringing it's viewers the highest quality resources, graphics, and tutorials. We hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting!


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Color Schemes

Some color schemes hand-picked and made by me, others were just randoms in my schemes swatch in photoshop!
I have moved all of the older color schemes from 2009-2015 to a new separate page in order to keep the new content more relevant and organized. Follow the link below to access the old schemes!

Click here to go to the older color schemes!

newest color schemes

oldest color schemes

Holiday Color Schemes

The following schemes are holiday themed, in order of calendar date!

St. Patrick’s Day




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  1. Meera says:

    Meera viewed this page on the 14th July 2011, 04:28GMT. The theme is so fuckin’ sexy and Sandruh is gettin’ beast at WordPress, omg. I lub me sum Sandruh. <33

    P.S. I don't know if I should tell you this, but I'm having Matt's baby.

  2. Kristen says:

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  3. delaney says:

    using some <3

  4. Gwyn says:

    using one. <3
    I'll keep your crdit, & credit you on facebook. :P

  5. LH says:

    u made me go dizzy looking at ur color schemes lol!! but i took some! thanksa lotttt!! u helped me so much! :) <3

  6. Jac says:

    saved some more <3

  7. Jazzy says:

    saved a LOT of colourschemes<3

  8. bethany says:

    using about 4 thanks xx <3

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  10. MistleToe says:

    saved most of these colour schemes. ofc i will credit you loves.

  11. cece says:

    saved colorschemes i love themm!

  12. Jessica says:

    Saved one (:

  13. kristen says:

    saved a bunch!<3

  14. Stephanie says:

    saved them all (:

  15. Jennifer says:

    Saved some color schemes <3

  16. victoria says:

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  17. rebekah says:

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  18. marie says:

    saved a few c:

  19. Tyylezz says:

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  20. Lindsey MaRie says:

    Using Some

  21. effy says:

    saved some

  22. Segan says:

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  24. Michaella says:

    I love It! All of Them <3

  25. angelah says:

    Saved them ALL ! i love et !!!!

  26. Tia Renai says:

    Saved a color scheme!

  27. Rain Jem says:

    Saved number 69

  28. iah says:

    saved all <3

  29. Frances says:

    I downloaded all…
    Thanks for all of these c:

  30. keeshia says:

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  32. Zandra says:

    I’m Using Some <333
    Thanks anyway.

  33. Anonymous says:

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  35. Audrinaa says:

    please add “download all” button <3
    i really want to download all of this tho :D

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    saving three color schemes.

  38. hazel says:

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