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Here at parisfalls.net I am offering two kinds of hosting– Domain and Subdomain. I recently upgraded parisfalls to a reseller so now if you are looking for cheap hosting I’ve got it! :)
what are you interested in?

Domain Hosting || Subdomain Hosting

Please view the above links for more information!

My master reseller account is hosted on luminoscity.net. More information is posted there, so check it out.

6 responses to “hosting”

  1. Milka says:

    i would love 4 you 2 host my site <3

  2. Sasha says:


  3. Rachael says:

    hi i was wondering if you can host me?

  4. Kathleen says:

    Hi your site is Fab!

  5. Louiejane Aranjuez says:

    Hi! CAn you tell me where do you make your site?
    plsss answer

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