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Basic Wave Tutorial

step one

Create a new blank document. I made mine 350×300 to save space for the tutorial. Inside this document, take your Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a selection that’s a few pixels wide but is as long as the document (see below).

Fill this selection with the first color of your color scheme.

step two

Duplicate this layer and use the move tool to move it to the right of your original layer so that they are touching, and then add a color overlay for the next color in your scheme.

Continue on with this pattern until you have all the colors in your scheme next to each other, and then merge them together.

step three

Go to Filer > Distort > Wave. The box with Wave options will pop up.
On the right hand side near the “OK” button is a type box, make sure the “Sine” option is selected.
Then go and change these settings:
Number of Generators: 1
Wavelength Min: 1, Max: 152
Amplitude Min: 20, Max: 40
Then hit okay and your wave should look something like this:

And you’re done

This is what I did with mine on a sign! :)

2 responses to “Basic Wave Tutorial”

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I love all your cs3 tutorials. I just got photoshop and I’m really excited to start learning how to use it this summer!

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