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double columned affiliates tutorial

Posted on Oct. 17, 09 by Sandra
Difficulty: Medium
Class: Website-Related

Step one

Open the page you want to edit in your freewebs, cpanel, or FTP account.

Step two

Count up the number of affies you have. When I did this, I had 52. Divide that number by 2. So, 26 & 26. What I did is while I’m counting them, every ten I skipped a space in the coding so they’d be seperated by ten. Then, combined them into two groups, each having twenty six. It’s easiest to do this if you open up wordpad or notepad and copy and paste your affies into there.

Step three

When you have your two groups, copy and paste this code into your layout.

Adjust your width to the width of your navigation bar. When I did this, mine was 180px, so that’s what I typed in.

step four

Copy and paste the first group of your affies into the part of the coding that starts

step five

Copy and paste the second group of your affies into the part of the coding that says

step six

double check and make sure it’s even, and save :) then you’re all done! I tell you, it helps alot when you do this and your affies are in alphabetical order. But even more so, this looks best when you keep your sides EVEN. Which means, abbreviate LONG ass sitenames. You’re bound to have the k-m range at the bottom and top of your columns. If you add an “S”, move the top one of that column to the bottom of the other column. :) If you add affies one at a time, even putting a link to your application “You here?” will help even out the columns and make them look good :)
Did this tutorial help?
Let me know in the cbox and request other tutorials :D

4 responses to “double columned affiliates tutorial”

  1. Jenna says:


  2. Nikki says:

    ah. I forgot this code and wanted to use it for my new lyt.
    I’m glad you have it! thanks! :D

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