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gradient outline tutorial

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Class: Photoshop
Posted on: April 27th ’10 by Sandra

before you begin:

This tutorial does look a little strange because of the way I resized the picture and the amount of space in the gradient. On a full size photo it does not look this way.

step one

Open up your picture as always. I’m using Missy Locke. I made it super small to save space for the tutorial. In your layers palette, if the image says background, right click on it and hit layer from background.

step two

Click on your pen tool, and make your settings like below.

Outline your sitemodel, and when you’re done you should come with something like this.

step three

Go to window > paths. Right click on the thing that says work path and hit make selection. Make sure the feather radius is 0. :) Press okay. Then your picture should be outlined. hit CTRL+SHIFT+I and then delete on your keyboard.

step four

Press CTRL+SHIFT+I again on your keyboard. Go to select > modify > expand. I’d expand it by 12px. Make a new layer and drag it underneath your sitemodel layer. Fill it with your gradient.

step five

Fill your gradient layer with brushes. I use white stars. When you’re done it looks like this.

step six

Now you’re going to add your strokes. I usually do 2px for each thing, except for the scanlines. Do them however you prefer. When you’re done, the entire thing looks like this. :)

did this tutorial help?
Let me know in the cbox and request other tutorials!

3 responses to “gradient outline tutorial”

  1. secret says:


  2. Francine says:

    Hi Sandra,can I request a tutorial on how to put on a background PSD that I saved?Pls..?

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