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php includes tutorial

Difficulty: Easy
Class: PHP
Date Posted: July 2011

<?php include(‘header.php’);?>

step one

The first thing you should do is make and code your domain layout. When you are coding, you’re going to obviously have some sort of sidebar or other places besides the main content box. The main content box holds the content you want to be on the individual pages, whether its a blog or your resources or whatever you are offering on your site. Place your sidebar and any other div you have ABOVE your main content div box.

step two

Okay now start at the line above your main content box and copy everything up to the top of the document. This always confuses people when I tell them this so here’s a screenshot:

Copy the codes ABOVE the div/content code for your main content box.

step three

If you haven’t already, log in to your FTP manager or cPanel. Create a new file and name it “header.php” While you’re at it, create another new file and name it “footer.php” Then edit header.php and paste the code you just copied inside it. THEN GO BACK and copy your alignment code for your main content box. In here it’s like the div=content one, whatever you’re using is what you want to copy and paste at the VERY bottom of your header.php file. Hit save and exit that. In the footer.php, put anything that comes AFTER the content section such as an ending div, links, the javascript back forth things…Whatever you want basically. When you’re done, save that too and exit.

step four

Now you need the php includes codes.

Sorry that they aren’t posted, my site won’t let me put them inside a textarea because it puts my layout coding in there >:( Stupid site. If I can make that work without an image, I will!

step five

Now post those two codes on every page with your content in between them and your layout (header + footer) will show up on every page!

did this tutorial help?

Let me know in a reply here or in the cbox! If you’re confused, feel free to leave a reply with a working link, NOT an email. I rarely send emails.

2 responses to “php includes tutorial”

  1. shane says:

    thanks for this tuto~~

  2. Kaydee says:

    Thank you for this tutorial to reference back to. It has been so helpful.

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