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Preppy Beams Style 3 Tutorial

If you need any help, feel free to leave a wordpress comment or ask on Facebook! Enjoy~*!

Materials needed

Star brush

Step one

Cut out your site model, stroke them, and make your vector, but do NOT merge them together.

Step two

Take the pen tool and make a new anchor point (by clicking) on the top left.

Now, click and drag downward on the right side of the site model, like below.

Again, click and drag downward on the left side of the site model.

Continue on in that fashion until you’re close to the bottom, and make your final point without dragging downward.

Step three

Make a new layer. Take a small circle brush with hardness 0%, at size 3 px, and go to Window > Paths. In the paths palette, there is a work path item. Right click on it, and hit “Stroke Path.” Uncheck the “stimulate pressure” box, and hit ok. Then, right click and delete the work path.
(Sorry, I forgot to save the image on this part)

Step four

Now, on this same layer that your beam is on, take the star brush provided for you at the beginning of the tutorial and place it right in the middle of the first curve of the beam, like below:

Continue placing them on the curves of your beam until you get to the final curve.

Note: they might not always be perfectly in the center. Some curves are trickier than others, just do the best you can! No one will notice a little sloppiness in your beams/brush placement :).

Step five

Duplicate this layer, and on it put a gradient overlay of your color scheme. Then, duplicate the layer again and merge them together. Drag the gradiented beam layer underneath the white beam layer.
Then, go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Make your settings:
Amount: 15%
Distribution: Gaussian
Check the Monochromatic box.
Now, click on the move tool. Click the down arrow key twice.

Step six

Merge the two beam layers together, and then you are going to erase every other line over your site model so that it looks like the beam is going around them. See below for reference:

And then when you erase the lines:

Step seven

Now, add a drop shadow to your beam layer, at 30% opacity.

And that’s it!

Add some text and a border to your sign and you’re done!

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