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preppy sign frames tutorial

Difficulty: Medium
Class: Photoshop

Date Posted: July 17th 2011

steppp one

Make a preppy sign without the text or the border. I’m using one of my preppy sign premades because I’m too lazy to remake a whole new sign for this tutorial. When you’re done, merge your layers and you should have something like this! (I cropped it to save space for the tutorial!)

step two

So what you’re going to do is make a long square selection with the Rectangular Marquee Tool in the y direction, which means the length. Don’t make the selection very wide.

step three

Make a new layer and fill it with a color from your color scheme.

step four

Duplicate the layer three times, and add color overlays of each of your other colors. (This is for a 4 scheme). Then, move them right with the move tool so that they are in order like this. Merge those four layers ONLY.

step five

Now create three duplicates of the merged layer. On the first duplicate (second layer), go to edit > transform > rotate 90 degrees Clockwise (CW) and move it to the top so that it looks like this.

step six

Now on the third layer, go to edit > transform > rotate 180 degrees and move it so that it touches the right side like this.

step seven

On the final layer, go to edit > transform > rotate 90 degrees CCW (counter clock wise). Then move the frame edge to the bottom like so:

step eight

Merge those four layers, crop your image to the it’s full size (it gets rid of the extra frame we don’t need) and then press CTRL+T. This allows you to freely transform your layer. Go up to the top to the angle box.

Change your angle to 6 degrees.

step nine

Okay, now you’re going to add a dropshadow at distance zero to your frames and if you want to do a pattern overlay, you can do that too. I normally don’t do a stroke but feel free to if you please.

step ten

Now, make a new layer and drag it underneath your frames layer. Take a circle brush and color all the exposed places outside the frames.

In the layers palette, hold CTRL and click the layer preview box.

Now your coloring should be selected.

step eleven

Now fill it with a gradient and some brushes, and you’re done!

final product

did this tutorial help?
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5 responses to “preppy sign frames tutorial”

  1. delaney says:

    thank you <3

  2. Lizbeth says:

    This tutorial helped alot thanks :)

  3. Sandra says:

    you’re welcome guys :D glad it helped!

  4. Kayla@Karma says:

    Super helpful! Thank you!

  5. Dalp says:

    Saved some of your Resources, and your tutorials are really helpful! , Dun worry I’ll give credits to you , Thank You Very much! :)

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