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Simple Colored Checkered Background (5 Color Version)

Simple Colored Checkered Background (5 Scheme)

materials needed

Color scheme and scratch pattern.

step one

Open up photoshop, and create a new document @ 125px by 125px. You’re also going to make another new document that’s 25px by 25px. Open up the color scheme provided and using the color chooser pick the first color from the scheme. Fill the smaller document with it with your paint bucket tool. Then, you’re going to pull the smaller document from the nav bar (where the names are) and drag the colored layer from the smaller document to the bigger one. It’s really easy to do this. Just choose the move tool and click and drag from one document to the other. Place the colored square in the top left corner. You’ll have something like this:

step two

Duplicate the layer by clicking CTRL+J and then move the duplicated layer down below the first block. Use your paint bucket tool to fill it in with the second color from your scheme.

Keep doing this with each color in your scheme until the first column is full. (1,2,3,4,5).

step three

Now take your duplicated layer with your last color from the scheme and duplicate it (in this case for me it’s the dark green) and then move it to the top right next to the first color, but to the right.

Then keep duplicating and coloring the layers using the rest of the colors until your second column has this order (5,1,2,3,4).

step four

Keep following this pattern so you get three more columns.
Column 3 Order: 4,5,1,2,3.
Column 4 Order: 3,4,5,1,2.
Column 5 Order: 2,3,4,5,1.
It should look like this:

step five

Now you’re going to go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern and choose the pattern I provided for you. Set this layer to color burn and lower the opacity to your liking. I lowered mine to 58%.

and you’re done!

It’s a really simple tutorial once you get over how many layers there are to work with. I usually go through and find all the layers of the same color, and then merge them together, and that way I can just color overlay after I save as a PSD so I don’t constantly remake the image. c: You can redo this with a 5 scheme much smaller by making a 25×25 document and using a 5×5 smaller document, whatever you prefer! :)

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