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♡ his parliament’s on fire & his hands are up

Apr, 23rd, 2014, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Uncategorized, Leave a Comment

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to write this quick post to apologize for the lack of updates over the past few months. As some of you may know, I am graduating from college in the middle of May! It has been an awfully busy semester, with getting prepared for the “real world” and taking my final classes. These classes have been so busy, lots of work and lots of reading. I’ve also been trying to stay active with my friend group in real life, because many of them will be going off to grad school or back home and no one lives anywhere near me! I have also been working and TAing my ass off, and I am hoping to finish strong this semester (if the pressure doesn’t get to me first).
I plan to do some updating as soon as I graduate while I am looking for a job (because I doubt someone is going to hire me #wah #selfdoubt #ugh). Bare with me another 4 weeks or so and I will post a bunch of new and amazing content to parisfalls for all of you guys!
Hope you all end school awesomely this year!!!
-Sandra <3

♡ Be a good baby; do what I want

Feb, 27th, 2014, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Personal, Leave a Comment

Hello darlings!
I hope you are all doing well. As per the past, a new blog post means new updates! I added a bunch of cutouts and color schemes, and some miscellaneous other things. I hope you guys enjoy! :)
Real life has me in complete stress-cry mode at a near constant level. My class load was supposed to be light this semester, but nothing has gone the way I expected it to and everything is infinitely more complicated than anticipated. My cultural anthropology class is an overload in and of itself. My history class requires much more reading than I am capable of putting in (due to my capstone being a full-on philosophical psychology course, requiring more of my available time and energy than history as well as another small part of my energy going into rapid anthropology flash card making), and the book we just read was The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. Shoot me. REPEATEDLY. It’s just… such a heavy, time consuming read. I couldn’t deal with it. Our next book, The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien is a much better one. It’s actually one of my favorites! Anyways… My geography class is somewhat a joke. And then of course I TA on top of that, and that actually is not going too bad this semester. Just time consuming to give everyone feedback and grades. Wah.
Then we have work. My place of employment (enslavement) is split into 2 different weeks: A and B weeks. This is so that people (such as myself) only have to work 1 weekend per pay period if they want to. Because of this type of schedule, I work nearly 0 hours on B weeks but have almost a full allowance of hours on A weeks. And this weekend I’m working two extra shifts because I was asked to by my lovely friends and I just know I’m going to get in trouble for going over the amount of allowed hours. Never minding that I am helping the work force and truly did not mean to.
Regardless, in less than 3 months I will be a bachelor’s degree closer to my goal of becoming a college professor. We shall see how that works out in the end, but for now I am content to tackle my dream one goal at a time. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful month (because let’s face it I update like once a month). Stay warm!

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