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Apr, 29th, 2013, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Uncategorized, 2 comments

So yeah, please let me know what to update on thissss blog post in a comment!
I have no idea what to update. Anything in the cbox will be ignored.
I’m contemplating taking it off for good. lol.

So yeah, let me know pleaseee!
I will be updating over the summer a bunch ;)

All my childish drama

Apr, 29th, 2013, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Uncategorized, 6 comments

Hello again parisfalls.net viewers!
If you have been around the past couple of days, you will have noticed an influx of hate and spam in my cbox as well as a nasty welcoming message from yours truly. Why is that, you say? Because I’ve been jocked.
See, this is how this all went down. I started getting messages in my cbox either Thursday or Friday during the day–I’d have the exact date for you with times, but she spammed my cbox so much that it disappeared.
But basically it was all from the same person with a gaggle of original comments from someone named “Mel” saying “ur a thief,” “cunt,” “whore,” “fat bitch,” etc., saying that I stole my layout from somewhere. I checked my extremetracker and had seen that one of my latest visitors was from a site named, ikay.me, which I’ve never heard of before.

I clicked it, and wouldn’t you know. This pops up: Click here.

Now, I wasn’t overly pissed off about the fact that her layout looks a lot like mine. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. I’ve been on the web for four years now, I’m a little used to being copied when I make something nice. I even noticed that she had given me inspiration credit: Click here. That was pretty nice of her, but I guess this is all my fault for asking her why she was either saying that I had stolen from her or having people say that I stole from her. I had never even heard of her website before.

So, after work I checked my chatbox again and I had another influx of messages. More of the same shit from someone named “No” (who shared an IP with “Mel,” and with another “Anon” and “Marie” in Jonathan’s cbox). I blocked them both, and tried to recomment in her cbox to be like what the fuck man? She had banned me. I commented from my phone, which was subsequently banned: “Did you seriously delete my comments? I only asked a question about why I’m being called a thief.”

I’m paraphrasing that. I didn’t swear at her, didn’t call her names. I’d know exactly what I said except for that she deletes every last thing because she’s a compulsive liar.
Anyways, this continues on. Saturday night I’m getting messages that I’m still a fat cunt, but now they’re telling me to kill myself. So I write up my post below… You can read it or not, I don’t care. I was a bit immature, because I was mad. That’s not an excuse, but for literally no reason I’m being told to kill myself. I never stole anything from anyone–and I didn’t CARE that her layout was exactly the same as mine.
Well tonight was the culmination of all of the drama. She pretty much copied my post about her, and reworded it and eventually she ended up changing her layout, but not before she made some ridiculous comments to herself on her blogs/in her cbox.

I wish I had thought to screenshot the comments of her and “Miranda” talking about how they were going to find my relatives and “make my life very hard.” Her and her “Miranda” persona randomly searched for a person named “Sandra” from Suny Oswego and came up with the wrong person. I sincerely hope they didn’t message an innocent person and say the disgusting, awful things they have been saying to me and my friends… Sandra Nichols is not me, you moron. I am twenty years old, a current student, and my full name is not just Sandra, so none of my social media is in that name. You dipshit.

I do have other screenshots of her blog and her asinine comments. She refuses to listen to reason and keeps telling people to kill themselves.

Here it is: The screenies!
(notice how the inspiration: paris falls was taken off her sidebar)

My comments to her on her “copied” post about me (which were subsequently deleted)
After my comments were deleted — calling me a fat ass, etc in her “anon” personality.
She deleted some more comments — and threatened to call the police.
She deleted the above ^ post, and now plays the victim — and what’s with all this shit about child abusing? She can tell that from a post on the internet? What even is your problem to assume that?
Telling someone to commit suicide–as well as calling other names with her “Miranda” personality. Yep she’s a total victim.
Harassment of Thania: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Posting someone’s personal IP information with the intention of them getting hacked, oh and talking to herself again. — What the hell is she talking about sucking a dick and someone’s daughter? What the fuck even is that?

If you happen to be one of her “friends,” please do rethink your choice. She is not as sweet and innocent as she seems and keeps deleting people’s comments to make it look like she’s the victim. All of these files are originals–not edited except for the first one that was cropped by a friend who screenshotted it. I have the originals for all files that can be transfered (to make up for imgurs shitty upload quality), as well as the original save date for my website layout.

Also, the IPs she is using for Miranda/Jenna and the IPs for “Anon/Mel/Jennna” are the same exact IPs. They all lead to the city she is rumored to live in, in Canada. No one else in Canada has a reason to spam me, so I’m safely assuming that these are her comments to me via proxy or two different computers. Either way: I know it’s you.

As for everything else… Have the cops come get me. I’m not afraid. I did nothing wrong. I didn’t threaten your family, tell you to commit suicide, or any other thing like that. I called you a cunt, which in America is freedom of speech. I’m not harassing you at all, you moron. You started this entire thing by commenting my cbox, which I assume you did for attention.

Please get a life, get fucked, get SOMETHING because you are a child with many problems trapped in the body of someone who thinks they make an impact. In reality, everyone is laughing at you. Your ridiculous antics are downright embarrassing. I am embarrassed for you, dude. Get some mental help.

Thanks for reading, and updates will be coming this summer guys! Just a few more weeks left until break.


OH edit: She deleted the post with the IP on it.
Must have realize she fuckin’ goofed????

Edit 2: Continuing harassment of Thania…
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and finally, 13.
It isn’t all terrible, but there’s a lot of really bad shit in there.
Sorry about the many screenshots, Thania’s CBOX is tiny.

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