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even angels have their wicked schemes

Apr, 26th, 2012, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Personal, 1 comment

  Hey everyone. Sandra here, obviously. I realized quite recently that I hadn’t written a blog post, or paid any attention to this site at all, in a very long time. So I decided to give you a quick update on what’s going on in my life. In case any one is interested. ;D
 Well, first off, Facebook disabled my Kaiba Seto facebook account. I really don’t care that they did, but that just leaves my personal for you all to get into contact with. I am not accepting friends request via my Paris Falls account. No. So you can only contact my personal or post on our like page. Sorry if this inconveniences any of you. But honestly? It’s been better for me to not have a facebook. I feel less stressed out about shit and I’m happier.
 So that leads to my second point: I do have a GaiaOnline account, which has always been there but has been neglected for three years, if you would like to talk to me on there. c’: CLICK HERE to go sign up for one. THEN, CLICK HERE for my profile to add me. (x Please tell me who you are when you add me, if you decide to make one. Several site owners have them and I think they’re fun and relaxing. <3  School's winding down to a close, extremely quickly, and I'm really excited about not having to come back until August. Ugh. It's been a long damn spring. I'm just... Mleh. I'm over college. So hard. I will not advance in my major AGAIN this coming semester so I don't know what the hell I'm going to do. The classes fill too fast, there's only one section, and they don't have the money to open more. It SUCKS. But that's my life. As you all know, I am not updating PF anymore with “site” resources. I’m trying to get some chapters of LAFF worked out, but since no one is reading anything anyways I just don’t even care. Letting this site die, ftw.

No matter what I say I’m not over you.

Mar, 27th, 2012, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Personal, Updates, Leave a Comment

 The rumors are true guys! I updated! Unfortunately, for all you “site~” people, I did not update anything for your sites. I updated something for your minds. My One-Shot “Not Over You” is now accessible under the Literature section with commentary! :) I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

 As for my personal life, college is BUSY! Between projects and papers and homework and reading, I barely find a few minutes for a fitness walk at night. Oh god. Bleh. Well I’m leaving and I’m tired xD So bye guys.


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