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Google approved me for ads, & Socialien.

Jan, 04th, 2012, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Money, 1 comment

Yay! Google approved me for adsense! I’m really happy because this will allow me to make some extra money to spend on my wonderful boyfriend-cough shopping spree cough– and do stuff for my site ;D Haahaha. Anyways, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could click my ads once per day so I could make some money, please don’t overclick thi as google will see it as suspicious and suspend my account :/ That wouldn’t be good…
Anyways, I did an affie sweep because I haven’t done one since like August, and I removed all broken links and people who didn’t have me up. I also added everyone who’s asked in the last 20 messages to be affies, I was too lazy to keep looking so if I didn’t get to you, sorry! Ask me on facebook! I’m going to make a post where people can just post links so I don’t lose thi all, and I can just reply to you when I add you. I’m sorry, I like, never have time from day to day to just get on an add affies. It sucks!

have you heard of socialien?

If not, read this post! Socialien is a new social networking site developed by a siteowner and her friend. There are three profile types, simple, myspace, and html/css, where you can customize your profile! It’s actually a pretty amazing site! It launched like two weeks ago and has almost a thousand members, many of who are active everyday. And the owners actually listen to your suggestions and try to do everything their members want, the best they can! If you’re interested, I definitely suggest making an account and getting yourself around on there, you will not regret it! Click on www.socialien.com or go to the link in the sidebar labeled “Socialien” to get started today!
And lastly, for updates, I am making a few more things for socialien and general resource updates. I’m seriously trying to write tutorials but unfortunately my little brain is completely lost on ideas! There are so many things I’m uncomfortable doing that it’s not even healthy! Blech! I’m gonna try and figure something out… I promise. I’ve neglected my tutorials for months and I feel terrible!
But for an update that isn’t quite the norm… I started writing a fantasy story about werewolves, typical of me, right? Well, I actually seem to be dedicated to this one (though when school starts again all bets are off!) If you’re interested in reading it, I’ll post a few snippets up on the site! I have bits and pieces of seven chapters done, but not a full chapter [because I’m handwriting most of this out and I just can’t be assed with moments that aren’t “important” to me or the story right now] and I have outlines of every chapter up to chapter ten! So be on the look-out for it, I’ll post it and hopefully you guys will enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing/thinking about it!
Until next time Sandreeezayy

there’s no religion that could save me

Jan, 02nd, 2012, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Money, Personal, Updates, Leave a Comment

Gooood evening, everyone! At least, it’s 11:42 here in Washington! Parisfalls is back with a brand new layout and new content, courtesy of your favorite-did I mention the sarcasm?-siteowner Sandra! Now as always, you can find my latest updates on the update page. Nothing new there! But there is a lot of new content. I tried to get a good variety of resources, layouts, and graphics for you guys since I haven’t update since before Halloween. Sorry! Honestly, I wanted to! Several times I even tried to but I was so busy with school and everything… Life gets in the way!
So I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! My Christmas was awesome. I spent it with my dad for the first time in my life, and met my step-sister and step-brother, who happen to be totally awesome! They surprised me with an iPad 2, and my dad ordered me a case with a keyboard in it so I can take notes in class with it! Sweet, right?! I bought the app Pages from the Apple Store and it’s like Microsoft Word for the iPad… It’s so sweet! I’ve been keeping track of updates in there and writing a little bit… I might even post my story that I was working on, on my site! They also got me a pair of shoes from Coach. They’re legitimately the cutest things I’ve ever seen, and they’re so comfy! I feel so badass when I wear them. As for new years… Well… I was doing shots with my dad after he got kicked out of a bar for his wife puking all over and it was crazy! He was stumbling all over the place, we got him on video trying to talk and falling over… hilarious. I know, what kind of loser drinks with their dad, right? Well I had a great time, and in the lovely state of Washington I have zero friends and my step-sister was working :(
Anyways, so very soon I will be leaving Washington and going back home to New York, where I will be bounced around between my aunt, uncle, and boyfriends house before I have to start back up at school again on the 22nd of January… Jeez, only 3 weeks left! Break is going too fast!
Also, on the site you may be noticing a few changes in the way I’m running it… I’m adding GoogleAds to my site to try and make some extra cash, and hopefully this time my site doesn’t go down so they will work!
Love always and forever,
Sandreeeeezy <3

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