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domain layout sale!

Sep, 09th, 2011, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Money, Leave a Comment

Good evening viewers! As the title hints, I am having a domain layout sale! If you’re interested, please read below.

the purpose
Well, I am quite fond of the font named St. Lorie. (click here 2 see it~) I am willing to purchase it but unfortunately I only have half the price of it in my PayPal account. So I decided to sell some domain layouts to try to raise funds for the font, for the licenses for the Web font and Desktop font.

the TOS
I have a few rules that I want to make clear from the get go, alright?

  • Since you are paying for a layout from me, I will not put credit on it. You are free to claim that you made it. However, the stylesheet is mine. Please do not use it with any other layouts! I don’t want my stylesheet ending up everywhere.
  • The price of the layout will be determined by the amount of work it takes to make the layout. Nothing will be priced over $20 (USD).
  • If you are unsatisfied with the layout, please let me know I and I will redo your layout once. If you still do not like it, please understand that I do not have time to do 400 layout redos because you’re picky. You got two layouts for the price of one.
  • no refunds!
  • current funds: 28.40 | 43.50

    Please email me at admin@parisfalls.net or if you prefer facebook facebook.com/p4risf4lls. The types of layouts and everything else I can make will be discussed via email, not all in a huge page stretching post here. :3

    college appreciation post 2k11

    Sep, 03rd, 2011, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Personal, 4 comments

    So this is a little bit different from what I normally do, this is just a “blog” post by yours truly :) Obviously. I’m the only owner of this site. Before this becomes anymore awkward I’ll just start blogging… haha.
    So as you all know I started college again, my first day was Monday. It was exciting, but slow, and boring at the same time. The typical “first day of college” is like the typical first day of high school. Introductions, review of syllabus, some notes (possibly), and most of the time early release from class. I skipped my Portuguese class to go to my interview at McDonald’s… Unfortunately, I didn’t get hired. :( I’m really bent out of shape about that. But oh well, right? I will find a job! :D
    My roommate and I get on really well, her name is Vivian. She’s a cutie :)) I’m not posting a picture of her that’s weird. But today we finally got the room all situated!

    This is my side of the room, I’m on the right. I was at the door, (on the chair xD) when I took this photo. You can see my desk and my bed here :) I have the typical zebra print bedding for target, I love it. It’s so comfy and looks amazing in the room. :D

    Haha my computer! Siteworld ’07 desktop background :P

    My erase board calender! I had to throw this in, I love it. It keeps me updated on everything I have going on (except school stuff, I need to write that in xD!)

    I’m sort of semi-organized with this desk organizer and my planner. I love the planner, I got it from Target a while ago for like $15, but it was worth it! I keep all my assignments and such posted inside :) And the desk organizer is just so cute. I have way too many pencils though. I don’t even use them! haha.

    This is the top shelf of my desk! On the left side I keep my textbooks and notebooks. I’m normally never this organized. But here you see the following books:

  • My Psych 280 book, all the way on the left. It’s Behavioral Statistics.
  • Forensic and Legal Psychology, Psych 347. I didn’t want to take this class, I just added it to be a full-time student.
  • Methods in Behavioral Research – Psych 290. Next to it is the 6th edition APA Manual for writing APA style papers… Fun right?
  • Por 101 – Textbook and workbook.
  • The honors program makes me take another year of language, and I haven’t been in Spanish for over three years so I can’t count on my memory for that XD. But the last class I’m taking, is Honors 201, which is about interpreting Music in a intellectual way. The professor is so cool.

    On the right side of my shelf, I have my lamp and movies–well my favorites/most watched. Included is the Big Bang Theory, South Park, the Uninvited, Easy A, The Illusionist, The Guardian <3333, and Monster's Inc.

    Lastly is my closet. This is to the right of my desk. It’s a mess right now because I have a ton of laundry to do but no soap :( Damn my memory! haha. But my clothes are all thrown all on top of my fridge and everything’s an absolute mess… Yeah. That’s me to a T! I’m never organized like I am in this room. I think it’s so that I don’t annoy my roommate, but she’s okay with a bit of a mess. We’re both really clean people so it works out.
    Mmm, but anyways, I’m having more fun than I thought I would. Today we went down to the lake, which is right down the friggin’ path from my room. Like I’ll photograph how close it is next time I go on the other side of the building. It’s probably like 50 feet from my building. Okay maybe 100-200. But still, it’s so close!

    This has my tumblr URL because I posted it and I’m too lazy to re-water-mark it. But that was on Wednesday night, it was so pretty! The sun is so intense and the colors, gah. THE POINT BEING, we went swimming today! The water was so cold and lovely against the sun, but we forgot sunscreen – and due to reluctant laziness we didn’t go get anymore… So I have a slight sunburn on my cheeks… Yeah it’s really noticeable because I’m so white! And my shoulders are nice and red, hopefully it’ll turn into a tan! :P
    As for updates…
    I finagled (but legitimately xD I just liked the word) a new stylesheet for MySpace and FriendProject layouts. But I’m having some trouble with the coding… So I’ll be posting those when I get it figured out on my site. It’s quite annoying. And I made a ton of new icons that I need to post, but as of yet I haven’t made any resources. I’ve been quite busy! But hopefully I get some made for you guys, thanks for being patient! <3

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