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there have been four online for the past five hours

Aug, 27th, 2011, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Uncategorized, 1 comment

who are you four people?
what are you doing here.
What do you want.

You guys aren’t commenting, idk what the hell you’re doing on here, but please, if you like the site tell me.
You’re making me paranoid.
as hell.

holy shit, she updated!

Aug, 25th, 2011, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Personal, Updates, 7 comments

Hello my wonderful fans, and yes, as the title implies, I have updated! Don’t get your panties in a twist going to the updates page in the navigation, there isn’t really anything spectacular going on here. But you can read all about that on the page right :]? I want to give a mightyyy shoutout to Laura from Astheniaa.com, she made me this beautiful layout. You can visit her site by clicking the ad at the top of every page :3
I go back to school on this coming Monday, the 29th, and I move into my dorm on the 28th! So I really won’t be on as much-not that I’m on here-but on facebook or friendproject! I have a ton of things to do this semester and I really want to focus on that! I’m really stressed about paying for it all, I went through the hassle of taking out a loan and the loan people ended up cutting my loan in half between the semesters so now I still owe thousands of dollars and I have to find a way to pay that by Friday! Wonderful right?!?!?! I know one day college will be worth it but right now it hardly seems like anything special. In fact, it’s just a huge hassle.
Well it’s one in the morning here and I have a ton of important things to take care of tomorrow–including my college payment things–so leave me love in the cbox as always and let me know what you want to see, what you use, and any of your thoughts! If you leave me a blog comment I will reply to you in your cbox or on your blog! I love reading what everyone’s up to so let me knoww guys :]
Love always~

edit: the new “online people” thing is a joke. If you choose to get mad about it and post in my cbox about it, I will just block you and your IP from my site. Don’t like it? I don’t care. Get off my dick.

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