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are you serious or . . . . . .

Aug, 14th, 2011, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Rants, 5 comments

Okay, so this is basically a rant post because I find some people’s online actions very idiotic at times.
Like, coming from someone who has dealt with cyber-bullying every day for a year and half, (give or take, and most of those days, not lying), I find it irresponsibly stupid for someone to get on their high horse and start judging people, spreading rumors about them, and act like they’re doing everyone a great favor by making a website dedicated to ending online injustices if they cannot deal with the repercussions of one such an action. For instance, the girl I’m speaking of made a website via webs.com and decided that she would go around and tell people that they are basically “committing a crime” by packing redistributed brushes that have been redistributed by people via the siteworld probably thousands of times. Of course, this pissed a few people off because of the mere fact that no one owns those brushes: they were introduced into the siteworld by someone seven years ago, and those people are long gone and do not give a fuck if their brushes are redistributed. If they did, they would not have allowed it when they were around. It is almost an unwritten rule of facebook/myspace/friendproject sites that everyone owns those brushes, everyone has the rights to them, and they can be redistributed accordingly: they have been thousands of times–THIS IS UNLESS SOMEONE HAS EXPLICITLY MADE BRUSHES BY HAND OR WITH A PROGRAM (to thrown in a disclaimer).
So a few pissed off people trolled the c-box of the webs owner(s), and the owner blocked them all, which she has every right to do, but I mean, I was blocked and all I said was “What did I steal?” I know I said something else but I wasn’t rude in the least, and I’m not going to have my name smeared by a team of children who were not around when these brushes were made nor do they understand that they can be posted by anyone.
Instead, you get added to a “Guilty of Charges” page, or a “Accused & Cleared” page. Tell me what’s worse–that a team of three children on the internet think it’s okay to play Judge or that EVEN if you play into their sick game of cat and mouse you still get your name slandered because you were accused. Are they stupid or…? Like I’m not trying to be mean at all but this person is so high and mighty about “Crediting” people when she herself has not credited the respectful owners of fonts, photos, brushes, etc on her own site and even the “Crime” site.
Then what’s even greater is that she posted a blog on her personal website about being cyberbullied.
Well no offense kid, but you kinda asked for it.
The things they were saying weren’t even threatening or even hateful, I mean, if saying the word “Asshole” as the name is REALLY that bad then I don’t know what this world is coming to. They say the word asshole on TV for Christ’s sake. & to be completely honest if she thinks that the messages in her chatbox were grounds for crying the blues on cyberbullying, she should check out my formspring. Maybe she’ll learn something.
Here are screenshots of my formspring from the past few weeks:

For your information: THAT is bad language, and THAT is cyberbullying. Btw, for anyone that doesn’t use formspring, my face is there because I answered the question.

My point on this is that do not sit there and act completely innocent of everything when you are posting in these people’s chatboxes accusing them of outrageous and irrational charges and then plan to get your website “out there” and “huge” so people can come to our sites–which have had hundreds of hours of work put into them–and slander them because we were on a blacklist from some people with too much conscience? I could understand if they were brushes from like dirt2.com or something of the like, but I mean, these are fucking diamond brushes made by God knows who seven years ago.
Like really?
And I think the greatest part of this entire thing is that they have an affiliates section where supposed “GOOD” sites are, and linked on it are a few sites that are redistributing these “stolen” brushes without permission or credit to the original owner. Hmm, sounds like a case of the favorites to me? Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Anyways, updates are coming soon. I start school in less than two weeks so it’ll be soon.

Looking to adopt a domain?

Aug, 08th, 2011, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Updates, 1 comment

Hey guys! I updated my hosting site, changed the layout, and added 7 adoptable domains! Two have been given out already, but there are still five more. There’s an array of names to choose from! So go to luminoscity.net, linked in the header and the button is in the stats heading. Check it out! :)

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