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♡ you’re my religion, you’re how i’m livin’

Oct, 24th, 2016, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Personal, Updates, Leave a Comment

Happy early Halloween to all my friends and viewers who are coming to Parisfalls.net this week!! I am super excited to share some of the Halloween resources I’ve been working on (since March, let me add) and I hope that you guys like them as much as I do!! Click on the pretty banner to be taken to the Halloween resource mega-page where you’ll find brushes, borders, color schemes, cutouts, vectors, decos, font names, and sign background psds. I hope you all have a safe Halloween offline, remember to stay away from those god-awful clowns and travel in pairs!! ♡ ♡

I did not just update Halloween stuff as I had originally planned, I added a ton of new things for you guys. As always, a fuck-ton of sitemodel cutouts, vectors, color schemes, brushes, etc., but also some new types of content! For the first time ever, I am offering website stylesheets in 7 different styles for now. Thank you so much to Kecia for helping me with them and letting me pester you, as well as order from you, even when you’ve been busy! lol. Other new stuff: trippy gradient psds and object png packs. You’ll find those under the resource section. A bunch of new sitemodels have also been added to the cutout section, and a bunch of rares of favorite sitemodels that are already up! The border psds have all been modernized and the previews have been redone so make sure to check that out!!

Halloween is my favorite time of year, since it’s my anniversary with my boyfriend Josh on the 28th. This marks 9 years that we will have been together on Friday, and it’s crazy how time flies. Then we have Halloween, and we plan to spend this weekend in a sex-hazed scary movie marathon, and I’m definitely going to make him watch Hocus Pocus for the first time (because he needs to see it, end of story). We are carving our pumpkins this week and then before you know it, Thanksgiving (and the foooood!) will be here!! No updates are planned at this time for Thanksgiving but I will definitely have Winter/Christmas resources for you guys.

Besides that, I’m literally hopelessly addicted to Overwatch and it owns my soul. I’m also really into Rise of the Tomb Raider right now, and I need to hard mode raid the new Destiny raid so that I’ll have my 100% completion once again. I’ve been working on an outline for a Fallout 4 fanfic (kill me literally pls) but it’s still in the really early stages, and I just have bits and pieces of dialogue written out. Some of the fanfics I’ve read are absolutely AMAZING and I want to strive to be as perfect as they are (so this will probably be a 10 year process and no one will care about Paladin Danse at that point).

Lmaooo anyways guys have a great holiday and enjoy the updates!! ♡♡

♡ you’re dancin’ circles around me

Jun, 13th, 2016, By Sandra Tags/Topics:Uncategorized, Leave a Comment

Hello everyone! Quick blog post here to let you know that I have not abandoned my earlier vow to update more often! It has been a few months but I promise there is good reason-I moved back home to New York and have been trying to get everything settled in, as well as rekindled the flame with my ex-fiancé… So needless to say, ya girls’ been busy :) I’ve been looking for a job (I really want to start working again) and bonding with my siblings, and have sort-of been scouting out apartments nearer to the now boyfriend-again’s work. Trying to take things slowly and do things right, but he wants to move out before the winter so that his now hour commute to work isn’t worse from the snow. Can’t say I blame him :P.
Other than that, I’ve been trying to finish some orders I owed people before I updated, but I figured that since I’m almost done with the orders, I could post a few quick updates for you. As always, the updates box has the latest content for pf. A hugeee thanks to Ajey @ Duch3ss.net for her illustrator tutorials (and allowing me to post the brushes I made using those tutorials), as well as to Kecia for one of the new deco psds.
I hope everything is going well with my viewers and I should be back soon with a new layout and new updates (including stylesheets, for the first time ever)!

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