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would you kill to save a life?

Jun, 25th, 2012, By Sandra, Tags/Topics:Personal, Updates, 3 comments

Well, hello there loyal Parisfalls.net fans! How you doiiiin~ aahaha. Well: this just in! I updated. Yeeeees, as you can probably see the layout (omfg) is brand newww! It features the perf Jared Leto. I added a bunch of content, not as much as usual but I’ll be adding more over the weeks guys! I wanted to get this up and yeah. I haven’t had much time. College kicked my ass towards the end there :P
PLEASE NOTE that I am no longer accepting affiliate requests. I had 10 active affiliates out of 53 when I did my sweep today. That’s ridiculous and I don’t even want to deal with them anymore.
Personal updates, not much really. Got a job working in the dining hall for next semester! So excited. Right now I’m at my boyfriend’s house, but the 5th of July, I’ll be flying out to Seattle and staying until the 29th! My dad is getting sent back to Kuwait so this will be the last time I see him for a year and a half. I’m really sad but praying that he stays safe <3 :) Anyways, I'm kinda getting hungry so I'm gonna go eat and watch a movieee :) If you like my content COMMENT and if you like to read, go visit my literature site :) Kay! byeeee :* Sandra~~~~~~~

3 responses to “would you kill to save a life?”

  1. Soph says:

    Ahh sorry to hear about your dad. hopefully the year will go by quick and you can see him again soon! :)
    I like this layout – the colours work.
    and god yes, dead links seem to be in fashion right now. it seems to be the season where people have given up on their websites for a while. i hope it ends soon. :(

  2. Meaghan says:

    Nice layout!
    You’re in Seattle now!? I love that place! I used to go every summer. :)

    Awh, sorry to hear about your Dad. :(

  3. bunny says:

    Hey, your site looks fantastic. excellent content.. may use some =D

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