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♡ is there somewhere you can meet me?

Sep, 25th, 2018, By Sandra, Tags/Topics:Uncategorized, Leave a Comment

Currently as I am typing this Kecia is in my upstairs bedroom ignoring my texts (possibly still asleep), so as you can tell, we FINALLY met up! This week has been one of the best of my life! Spending time IRL with my best friend has completely changed my feelings about internet relationships. They’re so real if you both put in the time and energy! Truly, it wasn’t weird at all to meet up… in fact, it seriously feels like she’s just part of the family now. I am honestly so upset that she’s going home tomorrow :'(. How will I go on without her magical presence?!

And like the goddess she is, Kecia has coded another FANTASTIC iteration of PF layouts! I don’t think we’ve ever had a halloween layout before so we wanted to celebrate with a bunch of new amazing content with the rest of y’all!! The halloween masterpage has been modernized and updated with a bunch of new features, a shortcode for tabs being the main thing we changed up! Tabs seem to be pretty popular and y’all enjoy them so we decided to use them in addition to the spoilers we’d been using previously. Our future holiday content will feature the tabs as shown on the Halloween page so please check them out and leave feedback if there’s something that needs to be updated/changed!

A general note… I am aware of some links being broken. Due to Kecia being currently on an airplane I cannot fix these items since I do not have the files but I have noted all of the broken things and I will get with her at first opportunity to fix the 3 or 4 things that aren’t working properly. Thank you guys for your continued support of Parisfalls even in the slower, darker times of the siteworld! As long as we have a home to come to, so to speak, we will always return to update. That’s the beautiful thing about this community, we drift and fade away sometimes but we are always there for each other!!

Another birthday being the owner of Parisfalls has come and gone, I’m officially 26 and I want to die. I first got into the siteworld when I was 16, so about 10 years ago now (Feb, 2009). I have so many crazy memories of this place through it’s ups and downs. It makes me proud to still be apart of it, a household siteworld name, and to continue to improve and contribute to all the things we did way back on MySpace!

Have a wonderful & safe Halloween everyone!!!

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