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Bubble Outline

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Class: Photoshop
Posted on: Aug 24 11 by Sandra

step one

Open your picture of your sm and cut it out. I’m using Abby Tulo. I stroked her and added some cute-sie stuff for the tutorial, but it should look like this with the transparent background and your cutout when you’re done:

step two

Make a new layer and drag it underneath your sitemodel layer. Then take your circle brush and make the size 100. Then click (or stamp) it behind the person but slightly sticking out like so:

step three

Create a few more circles in random places, and then change your brush size. After I finished the 100, I changed it to 60, and then up to 150, and then down to 40, to get this effect:

step three

In your layers palette, select the layer preview for the bubble layer, which looks like this:

Then your picture looks like this:

Then make a new layer and fill it with your gradient or color. After this, I deleted the first bubble layer.

step four

Reselect the bubble outline by clicking the new layers layer preview, like you did for the first time, and make a new layer. Then add some brushes inside the selection, add a pattern overlay and stroke your bubble outline to match your person stroke.

& you’re done

I added a vector and edited in the gradients, and this is what I came up with 🙂
Final Product <3

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