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Cheetah in Vector

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materials needed

A Vector and this cheetah pattern.

Step one

Define the cheetah pattern provided. Then, stamp your vector and get it prepared the way you like it. I’m not going to show this step because I have many other tutorials showing how to make a vector cute, so go see them if you need help here. But once you’re done, it’ll look something like this:

Step two

Now, make a new layer and drag it underneath your vector layer(s). On this new layer, use your circle brush tool and color between your vector lines so that we can add the gradient.

step three

Now on this layer you just colored, add a gradient overlay with the gradient of your color scheme.

step four

Now, hold CTRL and click the layer preview on your layers palette to select the gradient. Then, go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern Fill. Choose the cheetah pattern and set it to either Screen or Soft Light. I always set mine to Screen but it looks good either way. 🙂

And you’re done!

With a fully finished sign, this is how it will look!

This was requested by someone multiple times so I hope it helps.

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