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Corner Cutout

This tutorial will show you how to do a perfect round corner cutout without using a psd, brush, or vector mask to help you!

Step one

I usually do these on my preppy signs, so make your sign. BEFORE you add text, merge all of your layers together. You’ll have something that looks like a preppy. I trimmed mine off so that it wouldn’t stretch the tutorial on forever. Mine is below:

Step two

What you’re going to do is right click on the rectangular marquee tool and switch it to the elliptical one. Now, on your layer you’re going to hold shift, and then click and drag the tool to make a circle like below.

If you can’t tell, my corner cutout will be on the bottom of the sign, in the left hand corner–but you can do this anywhere on the sign. It DOES take some practice, just hold the shift key and play with making them. It took me like six tries to make the one in this tutorial ;p.

step three

From here, you’re going to hold CTRL+SHIFT+I, which inverts your selection, and then make a new layer. In this new layer, grab a round brush and color in the corner that you made with a single color. Then hit CTRL+D to deselect.

step four

Now, go into your layers palette and select the corner cutout on the new layer by holding control and clicking on the layer preview box. Delete the cutout layer, and hit backspace on your sign layer to cut away part of your sign. It should look similar to this now.

Step five

Now just fill your corner cutout with a gradient and some brushes or a pattern underneath the sign–pretty much whatever you want! I also always cut away part of the sign and then stroke the rest of the sign, instead of adding the editing to the fill in just because I think it looks better that way. Adding the editing underneath it and being able to edit it is easier than merging it all to the cutout layer and trying to make that stroke right and shit.

Final product


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