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DNA waves

This is a really simple edit that looks really cute on preppy signs! Have fun with it! Hope this tutorial helps you!

Materials Needed

A color scheme that matches your sign and any patterns of your choice!

step one

The first thing you’re going to do is make your sign! I am using a smaller version of the sign I made to save space. Merge all of your layers so it looks something like this:

step two

From here, you’re going to choose your rectangular marquee tool from the toolbar. You can also press M on the keyboard to get to it. Make a small selection on your sign that is a few px wide but spans the entire height of it, like below:

Step three

Fill this selection with the first color of your color scheme, and then duplicate the layer and use the move tool to move it to the right, and then set a color overlay to it to make it the next color in your color scheme.

Repeat this process until you have all the colors in your color scheme sitting next to each other.

step four

Merge all of your line layers into one line layer. Then, you’re going to go to Filter > Distort > and choose Wave. A box will pop up and what you’re going to do is change the number of generators from whatever it is to “1.” You can mess with the wavelength and amplitude to make more or less curves and make them more or less wide. When you’re happy with it, hit “Ok.”
It should look something like this now:

Step five

So now what you want to do is duplicate the waved-line layer and then go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Now you will have the waves seemingly looping together!

Step Six

Merge the two waved layers together and add a drop shadow. This will now look like DNA strands on your sign! You can add whatever effects you want to it whether it’s a pattern overlay or putting patterns/brushes underneath it.

Final product

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