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Drippy Beams

Written By: Quicheeeeeee
Last Updated: June 23rd, 2018
Program: Photoshop
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Okay, you’re going to need all this shit: a cutout / picture, this drippy brush, and a basic understanding of how to make a beam.

came through drippin’

first, you’re going to make your beam. If you don’t know how, here is a basic tutorial on how to make one. Don’t do any of their editing or it’ll look ugly. Now you’re going to duplicate your beam layer twice times. On the top most layer, you can make it black, white, or pattern it. For this one, I did a zebra pattern scaled down to about 50%.

On the bottom beam layer, you’re going to do a color overlay of #333333 and set it to overlay or softlight (depends on your preference). merge it with a new layer, and then if you want to add a little sum’ sum’ duplicate that layer again. On the middle layer, you’re going to add a noise filter. My noise settings are here. I then move that beam layer down two, and one to the right. And then on the bottom layer, go to filter / blur / radial blur. Here are my radial blur settings. You should have something that looks like this:

Now you can fill in the gaps with whatever you want. I’m just going to do black and white pixelated. MOVING ON!!!

the drips, yo

Now, taking that drips brush you’re going to resize it to about 90px (it might vary on how you want it to look!), make a new layer, this layer should be under your sitemodel cutout (if you have an outline stroke, make sure the drips are ABOVE that.) and then using your brush rotater-thingy-majig, rotate the drip brush to go right along your beam. You should end up with something like this:

Now you’re going to pretty much do the same thing to the drips that you did to the beam, so:

  • Duplicate the brush layer two times. First / top layer is going to have a color overlay. I picked a light grey/white color.
  • The bottom layer will have the color overlay in the color #333333 set to overlay / soft-light. Then you’re going to add a gradient overlay. then you’re going to merge that with a new layer. Duplicate that layer, if you want to add a lil ‘sum ‘sum. and then add some N O I S E. I move that layer two down, and one to the right.
  • then, if you want, add some radial noise to the bottom most layer, go right ahead.

  • here is my final product

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