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Glitter Stroked Brushes

materials needed

A color scheme, custom gradient, and a sparkle brush.

step one

Make a new blank canvas and define the sparkle brush provided. I made my canvas at size 160×200. Stamp down your brush. I did this with the color black just so that it would be easier to see for the tutorial, but normally I do it with white.

step two

Duplicate your sparkles layer and then change the Fill in your layers palette to 0. This makes it so that the brushes on the layer disappear but you can still add effects like stroking. So from here, make your color scheme into a gradient and then add a gradient stroke at 2px to the layer with 0 fill.

step three

Make a new layer and merge it with your gradient stroke layer. Then go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise.
I like to keep my amount at about 15%, the distribution “gaussian” and make sure the monochromatic box is checked.

step four

Click on your move tool and then use your arrow keys to nudge your stroked sparkles to the right and downward. I usually do 2 nudges in each direction.

and you’re done

This is a really simple and cute effect that you can add to a sign or header in just a few seconds! This is how I use mine in signs:

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