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Glittery Brushes

materials needed

A color scheme, custom gradient, and a sparkle brush.

step one

I generally do this with preppy signs but for the sake of the tutorial I’m just going to open a new blank canvas at 160x200px. Define the sparkle brush I provided for you and make your color scheme into a gradient. Then grab the sparkle brush and stamp it onto the canvas. Normally I do this in the color white, but since it may be hard to see with the transparent background, I’m going to do it black.

step two

Duplicate this layer by pressing CTRL+J. Now, on the bottom layer (the original), go to your blending options and set a gradient overlay matching your color scheme onto it. Then, hit the move tool and use your arrow keys to nudge the gradiented sparkles 2 to the right and 2 downwards.

step three

Make a new layer and merge it together with your gradiented layer. Then go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. I keep my Amount at 15%, the Distribution is Gaussian, and I check the Monochromatic box. Hit OK.

and you’re done

And that’s pretty much it. This effect can be done with any type of brush, I like doing it with cluster brushes, and I generally use it on preppy signs. So here’s an example of what that looks like:

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