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Using Light Textures

materials needed

A light texture!

Step one

Someone requested this tutorial so I’m going to just add it so you guys can know how I use light textures! There isn’t a “wrong” way to use them technically but this is how I like using them. Anyways, what you’re going to want to do is open up the picture or edit you want to add the texture to. I opened mine, and did some editing to make it black and white, edited the brightness and contrast, and the levels. You don’t HAVE to do any of this editing though. The result will be nearly the same.

Step two

What I do now is open up the texture I want to use and then copy and paste it over the picture I want to use it on. Set the layer to lighten.

Now, I just try and move the texture so that it looks aesthetically pleasing!

and you’re done

That’s pretty much all I do. Generally I add on different editing that would go well with the picture. You can even try setting the texture layer to “Screen” or “Lighter Color” depending upon the picture.

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