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Pixel Cluster Fill

This tutorial was requested! Hope it helps!

materials needed

Sparkle Brushes

Step One

Define the sparkle brushes I provided above. I use those particular brushes for this tutorial because they have a cutout in the center of them, so you can see through them. This tutorial will work with any brush like that (check out gambyte.net for more awesome handmade ones!). So what you’re going to do is make your sign, but DO NOT merge your layers together. This is CRUCIAL because it’ll look stupid otherwise. So it’ll look something like this:

Step two

Above your vector layer(s), make a new layer and then stamp the sparkle brush provided for you in the color white. I only do mine on one side so that it doesn’t cover too much of the vector. It’ll look like this.

step three

Now, duplicate your sparkles layer and then on the bottom one add a gradient overlay that matches your color scheme. Make a new layer, select both the new and gradiented sparkle layer (hold CTRL in the layers palette) and then merge them together. Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and make your settings:
Amount: 15%
Distribution: Gaussian
Monochromatic: CHECK the box.
Now, take your move tool and use your arrow keys to nudge the glittery, gradiented sparkles down and to the right two spaces each.
It’ll look like this now:

((If that was too fast for you, feel free to check out my Glittery Sparkles tutorial to see it more broken down))

step four

Now, merge together your sparkles layers and then add a drop shadow at distance 0. I would lower the opacity to about 20%. When that’s done, click on your vector layer. From this point, you need to use your Polygonal Lasso tool and outline the inside of the sparkles. After you do the first outline, hold the Shift key to add more selections.

If you have your vector spread out on many layers, please MERGE it now! Then, make sure you’re clicked on it and hit CTRL+J to duplicate the selected area. You will not notice a difference besides a new layer in your layers palette.

step five

So now, go to Filter > Pixelate > Mosiac. I generally like to do my cell size between 5 and 10, this time I am using 7.

Step six

Go to Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen. And then hit CTRL+F, it’ll sharpen it again.

and you’re done!

This effect is really simple but it is very cute and can add a little bit of flair to your signs if you’re feeling like you need to spice it up. Add some text to your sign and that’s it!
Here’s my final product:

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