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Smooth Cluster Outlines


materials needed

skull cluster brush

step one

Okay first what you’re going to do is open a new document. I made mine 400×150 for the tutorial but I assume you’ll want yours bigger to work better. Define the cluster brush and then use the brush tool to stamp it onto your document. Any color is fine, I’m going to just use a dark gray.

step two

Now go to your layers palette. Hold control and click the layer preview box. This selects whatever is on the layer.

Your layer should look like this now:

step three

Go to select > modify > expand. Expand the selection by 2px, 3 at the very max. I’m doing two.

step four

Create a new layer and drag it underneath the skull layer. Fill it with a color or a gradient! You should notice that the outline stays smooth, unlike if you try to stroke it. (I also added a drop shadow).

step five

Now I’m just gonna add a background. You can do this step if you want, but if you dont want to, you don’t have to xD.

and you’re done!

This tutorial was requested and be used on a variety of brushes. It doesn’t always work but it’s the best way to get the smoothest outlines 🙂

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