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Zig Zag Outline

Difficulty: Medium
Class: Photoshop</br/>
Date Posted: Apr 2011

steppp one

First, open your picture. If you’re using a person (which is what this tutorial is made for), please cut the person out now. Make sure to change your background layer to a normal layer in the layers palette. I added a white stroke and some scanlines around mine, as well as a gray patterned background.

step twooo!

Next, click on the pen tool and match your settings in the navigation bar to mine.

Now, click behind your person so that a fill path dot appears, as shown below.

step tresss

Now, click outside the person at an angel to create a slanted line as such shown below.

Then, create another point about half the length of the first one going downwards and towards the person.

Continue around the person with this zig zag form until you close the path by connecting the beginning and ending points.

step four

Now, go to window > paths. The paths box will pop up where your layers palette normally is. Right click on the work path and select “Make Selection.” An options box will pop up. Put the feather-ratio at 0 and make sure “anti-alias” is checked. Click ok. The dancing ants will show up, signifying that your selection has been made.

Now, as you can see in the above image my selection looks a bit awkward. So I’m going to fix that by holding Shift and using the polygonal lasso tool. Now, make a new layer underneath your person and fill it with a gradient.

step cincooo

Now, you can fill it with brushes, patterns, etc, and add a stroke. I always do this differently so I’ll let you guys do what you want. Here is my final image.


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