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About Sandra

Whaddup, my name is Sandra and I’ve owned parisfalls since December of 2009. I’m a writer, a pet parent, meme queen, a video game enthusiast, and in my limited spare time I dabble in graphic and web design. I work a full-time job at the best supermarket in America and own a home in Upstate New York where I reside with my fiance Josh. We have been together since 2007 and hope to get married soon.

When I’m not here, I’m usually walking my dog or playing video games. Some of my favorite games are
Overwatch, Stardew Valley, Final Fantasy, Fallout, Kingdom Hearts, Octopath Traveler, Pokemon, Call of Duty, Bioshock, and many other Nintendo games! I like most genres and I’m pretty into the competitive scene of Overwatch, and open to joining others. Pretty much most RPGs and shooters are what I’ll play, with some great indies thrown in to change it up.

I’m also a part-time writer (for myself mostly) and I’m currently working on about six things at once but the main one is a Fallout 4 fanfic. I think fanfiction can be so rewarding to read and write, though there is some that is pure cringe and we should not speak of it ever. If you are interested in reading anything, please let me know! I may casually send you it, lol.

more information

  • full name:Cassandra Marie
  • preferred name: Sandra/Cassie
  • age: 26
  • birth date: 09/19
  • zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • personality type: INFP-T
  • sexual orientation Hetero or something idk
  • relationship status: Taken, 10.28.07
  • pets: Butters the bunny & Asher the pup
  • siblings: 5 Brothers & 2 Sisters
  • hometown: Geneva, NY
  • favorites

  • favorite color: Burnt Sienna
  • favorite song: Is There Somewhere by Halsey
  • favorite movie: Jurassic Park
  • favorite tv show: idek. South Park/The Office/X Files
  • favorite musical artist: Halsey, Lorde, Lana Del Rey
  • favorite animal: Dogs tbh
  • favorite food: Tacos
  • favorite video game: Overwatch, Pokemon, Fallout, Final Fantasy, etc.
  • favorite book: Agnus and the Hitman, Gone Girl.
  • this or that

  • facebook or twitter: FB
  • twitter or instagram: IG
  • tea or coffee Coffee
  • reading or watching tv: Reading
  • fiction or non-fiction: Fiction
  • winter or summer: Winter
  • pancakes or waffles: Waffles
  • dogs or cats: Dogs
  • morning or night: Either
  • favorites – sw edition

  • favorite site: pf?? lol
  • favorite current sitemodel: Taylor, Elaina, and Miranda Seto
  • favorite retired sitemodel: Missy, Lauren, Alicia.
  • favorite sitename: creampie
  • favorite sign you’ve made: this one bitch
  • favorite color scheme: dis one
  • favorite font: Star Avenue
  • favorite content to make: Cutouts
  • favorite brushes to use: stars bitch
  • this or that – sw edition

  • auctions or donations: donations
  • free rares or donations: free rares
  • mirror or selftimed pictures: mirrors
  • corder or side decos: corner
  • simple or preppy signs: preppy
  • sitemodels or tumblr rares: sitemodels
  • light or dark color schemes: light
  • random questions

  • what is your aesthetic? positive kill death ratio
  • Do you have any tattoo, if not do you want any? none for mi
  • What is one of your biggest achievements? lmfao nothing
  • What is your go to drink at Starbucks? ive never been to starbucks
  • What is the last dream you remember? raunchy sex
  • Outside of the siteworld, what do you enjoy doing? vidya games
  • What is the most trivial thing you know? why it rains
  • If you could have one superpower what would it be? infinite cash
  • What would you not do for 5 million dollars? eat shit
  • What’s an unpopular opinion you have? celebrities are not gods
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